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Development Update  

First of all, I am getting really psyched about launching CreateDebate. From conception to coding, it has taken about a year to get where we are now. We have been in a private beta period now for about 2 weeks and, by all indications, things are looking pretty good. Before we can open up, there is still a number of new features that we are going to implement, including:

  • The ability to create 1 vs 1 and private debates
  • More advanced debate search with result sorting
  • Improve the “Most Heated” algorithm
  • Public messaging system with alert notifications
  • More robust email notifications

Once those features are in place and we are completely comfortable with our website security situation, it will be go time. I can’t wait until we can open the site up to the world. I know that its going to take some time to build up a community of engaged, passionate people but I’m looking forward to the ride. I’ll know that CreateDebate has made it when McLovins sets up an account. Hopefully that superbad day isn’t too far away.

Until then, thanks for checking out this blog and thanks for checking out the site. I’m looking forward to getting to know many of you and I hope that you’ll enjoy getting to know us.

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Written by Loudacris

March 17th, 2008 at 7:06 pm

Posted in New Features

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