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CreateDebate Statistics and Hall of Fame  

Since our Private Beta Launch on February 20, here are some interesting statistics we have gathered:

1,291 Arguments Created
67,837 Words Written
2,573 Votes
2,081 Up Votes
492 Down Votes
53 Average Number of Words Per Argument

Most Popular Topic: Politics
Most Active Debate (most arguments): Do you believe in God?
Most Extensive Debate (most words): Should Social Security be mandatory?
Most Definitive Win: The “Health Problem” side in Drug Abuse: Criminal Problem or Health Problem?

Most Popular Argument: “No way, the press slants…”
by Time2Golf for the “No” side of Do you trust the press?
Worst Argument: “I have grown up…”
by MastaDebata for the “Yes!!” side of Do you believe in God?
Most Provocative Argument (most replies): “Meaning I would want to…”
by NikkiHill11 arguing for “Ron Weasley” in Who is your favorite Harry Potter character?
Most Extensive Argument (most words): “Recent researching into much…”
by ChronicHipie for the “Criminal Problem” side of Drug Abuse: Criminal Problem or Health

Most Prolific User (avg. words/argument): Austix
Most Words Spoken: blammo
Best Debate Creator: DebateMan

These are some of the things we are thinking of including in our newsletters and later on in a more elaborated CreateDebate Statistics page.

So what “awards” would you like to see posted in the CreateDebate Hall of Fame? What other interesting statistics would you want to know about CreateDebate? Please let us know what you want!!

You can post your comments here or debate about this in this debate:
What Statistics and Hall of Fame “awards” would you like in CreateDebate?

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