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Spring Fever Contests  

Now that the weather is starting to warm up and everyone is gearing up for Spring, it’s time to make sure you’ve got some sweet gear to rock when you emerge from your winter slumber.  To help you out, CreateDebate has partnered with ClutchTees.com to give away a $20 gift certificate for a free t-shirt this month.  We’re also giving away some more free books courtesy of our good friends at Hachette Book Group to keep your mind sharp.

Contest #1- Tell Your Friends (April 14th-30th)

Invite your friends to join CreateDebate and win a $20 gift certificate from ClutchTees.  Simply click here and invite all of your friends, family, co-workers, enemies, and random people on the street to join CreateDebate.  Whoever gets the most people to join CreateDebate wins the gift certificate and can choose from any of the awesome t-shirts!

Contest #2- Earth Day Celebration (April 22nd-May 8th)

Global warming or climate rotationAre Humans Responsible for Global Warming?  These are just a couple of the debates on CreateDebate regarding Mother Earth.  Well, regardless of your thoughts on these topics,  April 22nd is Earth Day, and CreateDebate wants to help you celebrate Mother Earth by giving away some great books.  Winners will be selected for each of the following:

  1.  The creator of the debate with the highest “Debate Score” during the contest.
  2.  The creator of the debate with the most “Debate Views” during the contest.   Feel free to get creative in marketing your debate.  Post it to Digg, email your friends and family, encourage your co-workers to use it, or any other crazy idea that you can come up with to drive traffic to your debate.
  3. One randomly chosen user who follows CreateDebate on Twitter.
  4. One randomly chosen user who becomes a fan of CreateDebate on Facebook.
  5. Top user with the most points during the contest.

The following books will be given to the 5 winners:
Harvest for Hope By Jane Goodall , Gary McAvoy , Gail Hudson
The Rural Life By Verlyn Klinkenborg
Is It Just Me or Is Everything Shit? By Steve Lowe , Alan McArthur , Brendan Hay
Starbucked By Taylor Clark
Garbage Land By Elizabeth Royte
The Gift of Nothing By Patrick McDonnell

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