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Archive for August, 2008

People Sort  

There have been several inquiries lately regarding the sort people algorithms.  As many of you have pointed out, the nuts and bolts of a few of the sort methods have changed recently.  I can’t give away all of the secret sauce but here’s a few hints pertaining to how the algorithms work:

Most Outspoken: number of arguments posted
Most Creative: number of debates created
Most Provocative: how many people vote for your arguments
Most Persuasive: how many people like your arguments

The cool part about the people categories is the Activity Period filter. Whenever you change the period, the rankings are determined on-the-fly. Everyday I check to see who’s tops for the day.

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Written by Loudacris

August 28th, 2008 at 7:12 am

Tweets & Waterfalls  

For those of you who’ve already found yourselves hopelessly addicted to Twitter, we’re here to help.  We just set up a CreateDebate account on Twitter that intermittently tweets the title and a link to some of the most popular debates raging on our main site. Make sure you follow us!

Twitter works great with mobile phones so now its possible to keep up with CreateDebate while you’re on the road.  If you are lucky enough to have an iPhone, try using the Twitterrific app, it works great. On that note, since CreateDebate is optimized for Safari, the entire site looks and works great on the iPhone.

We also just rolled out some small, yet significant changes to The Waterfall.  The Public Waterfall still lists all of the newest arguments, spanning every debate. In addition, there is now a personal waterfall for each user, which only includes the arguments written by that user. To find somebody’s personal waterfall, go to their profile and click “View All” under the Arguments heading.

Every waterfall (public or personal) also has an RSS feed that makes it possible to keep track of your arguments (or anybody else’s) by using a feed reader.  Ultimately, that makes it possible to pull your arguments from CreateDebate into many other sites, like Facebook or MySpace. If you set up something cool this feature, let us know about it!

We could make it possible for your arguments to be automatically pushed into FriendFeed or Twitter. If you’d be interested in something that, let us know!

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Written by Loudacris

August 12th, 2008 at 8:06 am