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CreateDebate Right Side MenuOne of the basic premises of CreateDebate is that it must be simple to find the debates that interest you. This is why we’ve spent so much time building the main Browse Debates view. We have always let you sort the debates (and your search results) in a number of ways. If you haven’t tried it already, go ahead and play around with the sorting options on the right side menu: you can pivot the debates in many ways. You can also sort within specific categories (sports, entertainment, politics, etc).

Today, we are happy to announce the addition of the New Activity sorting option. This algorithm allows you to see which debates have had new arguments added recently. This sorting option adds a “traditional forum” feeling to CreateDebate because the debates with the newest posts are bumped to the top. Using this sorting option is a great way to discover upcoming debates that were recently created but haven’t yet built the head-of-steam needed to become heated. It is also a great way to a rediscover older debates that have fallen of the Most Heated page but are still getting lots of attention and participation.

What do you think? We always love to hear your feedback!

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Written by Loudacris

May 8th, 2008 at 7:01 am

Posted in New Features

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