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Love and Debate  

Love and Debate, a great new movie by Virgil Films, is a coming of age story about a Jewish Latina girl, Jordan (played by Gina Phillips) who finds her way through the trials and tribulations faced by teenagers.  Jordan, who grows up in a Jewish household, where the customary role of a woman is to get married to a Jewish man and have kids, aspires to make more of her life than simply what her parents expect.  

In her senior year of high school, with the help of a teacher, Coach Amal (Sean Astin), Jordan joins the debate team and quickly becomes one of the top debaters in the country, earning a scholarship to Harvard for debate. While at college she faces several horrifying experiences, but leverages the power of her mind and the human spirit to overcome the adversity and keep her life under control.

Love and Debate is a great coming of age story about a girl who wants more out of life than simply fulfilling her parents expectations, and leverages the power of debate to exercise her mind and fulfill her dreams.  Everyone can relate to this story, as we’ve all grown up and gone through the trials and tribulations of life and dealt with the tough decisions that life brings.  Also, CreateDebate users can relate to the power of debate and how it allows you to open your mind to new ideas that you have previously not considered. Check out the trailer here.

Movie Giveaway 

To celebrate the release of the new film, CreateDebate and Virgil Films have partnered to give away ten free copies of the movie to the winners of the following contests, which will run through October 9th:

  1.  The two creators of the debates with the highest “Debate Scores” during the contest.
  2.  The two creators of the debates with the most “Debate Views” during the contest.   Feel free to get creative in marketing your debate.  Post it to Digg, email your friends and family, encourage your co-workers to use it, or any other crazy idea that you can come up with to drive traffic to your debate.
  3. Two randomly chosen users who follows CreateDebate on Twitter.
  4. Two randomly chosen users who becomes a fan of CreateDebate on Facebook.
  5. Top two users with the most points during the contest.

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